Fructose Free Foods was created after seeing lots of children at our Paediatric Gut Investigation Clinic with multiple intolerances and allergies.  The benefits of Fructose Free Foods is that the products are suitable for children and adults with one or multiple intolerances and allergies and for those wanting to have a healthy diet. Our passion is to ensure that people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) due to various intolerances are not isolated and can eat everyday foods.     

“The most significant aspect of my job as a Paediatric Nurse is being able to make a difference in a child’s life. Fructose Free Foods has enabled me to extend that to not only the children I care for in the hospital but to a much wider audience.”
Femi Omowo, Co-Founder


What our customers say about us…

“The products I ordered were delicious. I highly recommend the dark chocolate and the Hazelnut spread for anyone with a sweet tooth! I will definitely be ordering again.”


“My daughter has fructose malabsorption. We were so pleased to find this Facebook page and the link to the fructose free web page. Delighted to come across an outlet for Frusano products here in the UK. We placed our first order at the weekend. After many years, my daughter now has chocolate bars and hazelnut spread that she can eat. Our greatest delight is the corn sugar and the possibility of baking cakes again. Our order arrived very quickly. We’ll definitely be ordering again. Thank you!”


“We came across the site when researching fructose malabsorption. Quite a revelation to find these foods. Service was swift and very helpful. Choc sandwich biscuits are surprising small which you can’t tell in the photo – but they are tasty!
I wish the biscuits were also gluten-free, but hay, little steps. Well done for a great site. I wonder if you will keep adding products? I have to say, I thought the chocolate would taste cheap and dull but I was wrong, it’s delicious and better than Cadbury’s and other brands any day! Dark choc and dairy-free is now my favourite. Will definitely reorder. Thumbs up team. 👍🏻”



Nutrition Coach

If you’ve attended one of our recent Zoom events you would have met Joanne Both. As well as being an amazing baker, Joanne is a Nutrition Coach and the Founder of Fructoseweb. As a Nutrition Coach with fructose intolerance, Joanne wants to help people on their journey through the jungle of having a food intolerance. She has a wealth of experience and has created a number of tried and tested low fructose recipes to help people with FM. She will show you that you can still eat healthily and enjoy delicious food.  If you would like some coaching to help you navigate through your food intolerance journey, email Joanne at Fructoseweb@t-online.de


Halloween – sandwich biscuits 

Check out Frusano’s Halloween tender shortbread cookies filled with a tasty fruit spread of your choice. Have fun making these. Click here for the recipe.