Where do you deliver?

We currently only deliver throughout the UK. We’re hoping to deliver in Europe soon.


How much does delivery cost?

The delivery cost depends on the value of your order. For all UK Mainland delivery, we offer a free next day delivery for orders over £30. For orders less than £30, there will be a £3.99 delivery charge. We aim to deliver in 2-3 working days.

For non-mainland UK and EU deliveries, please visit our delivery page for more information.


Do you offer any other delivery options?

At the moment we only deliver our fructose-free foods via DPD courier service. You will receive an email to track your delivery, so you don’t miss it.




What is fructose?

Fructose (from the Latin fructus – fruit) is a monosaccharide and belongs to the macronutrient group carbohydrates. Besides, fructose is one of two components of the disaccharide sucrose, also simply called sugar (the other component is glucose). This means that food which, for example, contains 50g of sugar has a fructose content of 25g.

Fructose is naturally contained in most fruits, vegetables, and cereals.


Is your food suitable for people who are fructose and sucrose intolerance and/or on a low-fructose diet?

Yes. For more information, please read the description for each product.


Can anyone eat your fructose-free foods?

Of course! Our fructose-free foods are made and sweetened with valuable, fructose-free glucose syrup. Everything is made entirely without refined sugar, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols.



We will add more FAQs as we receive them.