Low-fructose recipes – Food without compromise

We understand the difficulty that people face when on a restricted diet such as low-fructose.  So we have decided to share some tasty low-fructose dish which is healthy and creative. There’s a recipe for baking, cooking and desserts – all simple and quick to make. Many of them include some of our products to help you get started.

After being diagnosed with fructose intolerance, many people miss sweet dishes especially. But of course, there are many possibilities for baking nearly fructose free. We’ve collected a variety of recipes for baking, to help you whip up cakes, cookies, and other sweets.

You’ll be amazed at what is possible: Desserts with less sugar, like crepes, chocolate-crispies, and even raspberry tiramisu. People who have completely given up fructose and gone without many dishes for lack of alternatives will be especially surprised when they browse through our low-fructose recipes. Even low-fructose drinks are no problem with the right Frusano product.

If you need advice on the amount of fructose you can consume per meal, get in touch with Joanne Both, Nutrition Coach at Frustoseweb.